Posted Jun 19, 2016

We are super stoked to announce that we'll be performing at the one and only Diversity Festival this July. For those of you that don't know, Diversity is a 2000 person / 2 stage music festival that takes place on Shingle Beach on Texada Island. It is awesome. This is its 11th year....

Check the full line up and other details here.



Posted Jun 9, 2016

We had a blast performing at Elevate The Arts last weekend. Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers that put the festival on, and a shout out to all the amazing artists that we got to hear and meet! Those were our first 2 sets of 2016 and also our first sets as a newly minted 2 piece band.

Next show up in June 25th in Powell River, bring it on!



Posted May 7, 2016

We haven't officially announced our summer tour schedule yet as there's still some shows to be added and some details to be sorted, but head on over to our shows  page to see what's in the pipeline so far so you can save the date. We'll be announcing that little detail of our NEW ALBUM soon too. Be sure to join our email list to be the first to know!


Posted Jan 18, 2016

We're happy to announce that Stereo Embers Magazine listed the Texture & Light remix of  In With The Out Crowd by Toronto band The Autumn Stones as one of the top remixes of 2015. There's some pretty great music on that list (hello Chvrches and Soulwax!!) and we're humbled to have been selected - thank you! You can view the complete list here.


Posted Nov 14, 2015

Our Fall tour came to an end this week and we couldn't be happier with how it went. This tour had it all: a festival show, a tiny show in a small  restaurant (that led to a whopping 8 song encore / 2nd set), and a giant party show in a sold out (400+ people) Sapphire in Kelowna. We even had to sleep all together in the van one night.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support us - we met too many great people to list them all and also got to reconnect with some long lost friends and fans. And thanks to those of you that gave us shelter and food! We're looking forward to seeing you all again in the spring / summer when we're back out on the road. For now we've got an album to finish.





Posted Oct 14, 2015

We've got back to back shows next weekend to kick off our slate of fall shows. On Friday October 23rd we're playing the "Emerging Sounds" event at The Sechelt Art Festival. The event also features international DJ Propatingz and an opening set by Steve Weave's emerging SOUND STUDIO musicians and singer/songwriters. We're excited to be a part of a new (for us) festival in our backyard.

On Saturday the 24th we play a hometown show at The Red Lion in Powell River. We're bringing over Hansmole - a really cool experimental art pop artist from Victoria - to join us. Kamandi is going to be slinging vinyl throughout the evening as well. Good times!




Posted Sep 19, 2015

We're going back on the road this fall! We're excited to re connect with some friends and fans we made this summer and introduce our music to new ears as well.

We start the tour off at The Sechelt Arts Festival and then the next night we join one of our favorite Victoria based artists, Hansmole, for a show in Powell River.

Then we take a ferry and cover some kilometers. We're playing a house concert (a first for us) in Forest Grove and then reconnecting with Dubtonic for a show in Smithers. We met Dubtonic when they played after as at this year's Kispiox Vally Music Festival.

On Saturday November 7th we return to Nancy O's in Prince George - a favorite place of ours from the summer shows. On Monday November 9th we're making our Okanagan debut with a show at The Wild Scallion in Penticton and then on Tuesday November 10th (which is almost like a Friday due to the holiday the following day) we play a big show in Kelowna at Sapphire Lounge that features DJ Stickybuds. That will be fun!




Posted Sep 4, 2015

We've added a new live video of Flowers In The Attic to our Youtube channel. The video is from our Saturday night set at Kispiox Valley Music Festival. Notice the crazy smoke show right at the start? It turns out that our fog machine had a clog all tour and we had been running it far below efficiency. Lyell made some adjustments before this set and BOOM - white out haha.


Posted Aug 15, 2015

A big thanks to all the wonderful people that we met along our adventure. There were highs, there were lows, there were lessons but all in all it was a really great experience. Ending the tour at Kispiox Valley Music Festival was a real treat too - what a special place. [br[
We've added a few pictures of the tour on our gallery page. There's a full album (on and off stage pics) on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for even more candid / random tour pics!



Posted Jul 20, 2015

Trevor talked to the Prince George Citizen Newspaper about the band's PG debut at Nancy O's on July 23rd. You can read the interview here.


Posted Jul 14, 2015

Beatroute (AB) Magazine interviewed Trevor in preparation for the band's first shows in Alberta. Trevor talked about the evolution of the band and continuing "to learn and relearn how to perform, express and ultimately understand their own musical ideals." You can read the piece here.



Posted Jul 10, 2015

This week Trevor was interviewed by The Nelson Star News as the band gears up for their show in Nelson on Saturday July 18th. The interview broaches album themes and band progression among other things. Read the whole piece here.

Texture & Light play at The Blue Mule in Nelson on Saturday July 18. More details here.


Posted Jul 3, 2015

Just in time for our tour (that starts today by the way), we have added a batch of t-shirts to our ever growing pile of swag. You can grab one for yourself (don't be shy, grab one for a friend too!) by clicking on our store link or by sidling up to our merch booth at one of our upcoming shows.

The shirts are a 65/35 polyester cotton blend and are "dark heather" in color. There are 2 color choices for the leaf (aka the "egg sack") print - amber and blue. The shirts are unisex and are available in S,M,L,XL, and XXL. HOT!


Posted Jun 19, 2015

After a year and a half of vinyl / digital sales only we figured that we could cater to all those people that always come up and ask if we have CDS. Who are we to tell you how to listen to your (our) music anyways?

With that in mind, we did a limited run of 100 CDs. They're really nice looking and uh, they sound good too. Once they're gone, they're gone, so grab one while they last. We'll be selling them on our tour (of course!) or you can order one (free shipping!) here.



Posted May 15, 2015


Electronic Dream Rock band Texture & Light are cramming into a van this summer to go on a tour that sees them hit all of the major cities in BC and Alberta and culminates with a headline slot at the 20th annual Kispiox Valley Music Festival (KVMF).

The band will be debuting new songs off of their yet to be titled sophomore album and they have added a midi synced lighting rig to their hardware laden set up. Expect these live shows to be bumping, busy, sweaty affairs. At KVMF in addition to performing 2 sets, they will also be hosting a workshop titled “Live Electronic Music Without a Laptop”.

The band will be supported by Saltspring Island based artist FirewoodPoetry who will set the mood with her brand of lush west coast electronica (except at Powell River show).



Posted Apr 24, 2015

Being in a DIY independent band is tricky thing as there's always so much going on that isn't in the public eye. It's with that thought in mind that I post this update as an answer to the question I frequently get: "So what's going on with Texture & Light"? It's (always) a long answer - I'm more of a depth updater then someone who tweets 80 times a day...

First off, the new album: Lyell and I spent most of January and February recording, writing, editing, recording, re recording, and writing more. When I went into it I thought it was realistic to come out of that session with a mostly finished album. Um, no.

By the end of February we had 6 songs that were mostly finished and about 15 more that are in various states of composition and recording. The more we recorded, the more new songs I kept writing - and I'm still writing - damn it, that wasn't the plan! The good news is is that though it's going slower than expected, it's also going much better then I ever could have imagined. The new songs are a leap forward both sonically and artistically and I've stopped being in a rush to complete them. What is time anyways? Exactly.

We look forward to sharing them when they are ready. We will definitely be adding a couple of the new songs to our live set this summer though - which brings me to my next update - Texture & Light live 2015:

In early March we stopped recording and switched gears to focus on our live show for this summer. Putting together our live set isn't just a matter of practicing our instruments (though sometimes I wish it was!) - it's a process all unto itself. We bought a whole bunch of new gear for recording and we are now working at incorporating that new gear into our live set. That means pretty much re writing, re programming, and re synthesizing all of our old songs to be played on our new gear. This is at times very fun and rewarding at at times an exercise in tedium and insanity.

Pardon me while I geek out for a second: some (yes only some) of the new gear to our set up for 2015 is an Allen & Heath QU24 mixer that replaces 3(!) mixers in our old set up, a Strymon Timeline delay and looping pedal (so now I can play 2 guitar parts together), and 2 of DSI's flagship synthesizers: a Pro 2 and a Prophet 8 rack. Lyell's Elektron Rytm is also taking on a bigger role in the drum department and he's added a new Kaos pad to wreak havoc on his percussion sounds. All this adds up to, well, awesomeness. Many machines all playing together in unison...

Aside from adding new instruments songs to our set, we're also working on a building our own midi sync'd lighting rig to add to our stage set up. Lyell is busy soldering and designing and then Clare and Lyell will get to work on programming light sequences to match our tracks. Somewhat ironically, this means that we'll have to add a laptop back into our set up to run the lights. Oh well!

I've left the most exciting part to last (congratulations if you made it this far): we have a tour lined up for this July that will be officially announced in the coming weeks when the last few shows and details are worked out.

I can say that for July we have confirmed shows in Powell River, Victoria, Vancouver, Nelson, Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George, and at a festival that is TBA. We are close to confirming more shows as well. Full details will be announced in the coming weeks!

See you soon!


Posted Mar 10, 2015

Weatnu Digital Magazine was just launched and in their first issue there's a full length feature interview with Trevor. Read the full interview here.


Posted Jan 24, 2015

Our days and nights are spent in the company of machines right now. Heartbeat BPMS and calloused fingers. The new songs that have been written over the last six months are finally getting life breathed into them and more and more songs, pieces, and parts get added to our giant white board every day. Every piece of scrap paper I come across gets covered in my chicken scratch scribbles. Things are all coming together but it's going to be a while yet - we're just getting started. See you when we get there ;)


Posted Dec 12, 2014

Thanks to everyone that came out to our shows last weekend - we had a blast. We've posted a couple pictures in our gallery (follow us on instagram for off stage pictures) and there's a video of us playing 'Flowers in the Attic' at our Victoria show on our homepage right now.

While we were in Victoria, we stopped by CFUV for an interview on their electronic music show "Solid State". Have a listen below:

We'd also like to give a shout out to the other artists we played with: FirewoodPoetry, WaxOrganix, Colliding Canyons, and Emma Plant. It was great to hear so much cool music. Check out links to their stuff via our shows page.


Posted Nov 27, 2014

We leave tomorrow morning on a 3 show mini tour (Nanaimo, Gabriola, and Victoria here we come!) and we just - just! - put the finishing touches on our new FirewoodPoetry remix right before we broke down our set up. The remix ties in nicely with the tour as we'll be sharing 2/3 of the bills with FirewoodPoetry. We'll actually be playing with a whole whack of great artists over the three shows, be sure to check out the details here.

Back to the remix: we're really big fans of FirewoodPoetry's work, so it was really great to get the chance to run it through our machines. We're really looking forward to sharing a stage. Our remix is a free DL so listen, share, and repeat.

Let us know what you think!  



Posted Nov 3, 2014

This week marks the one year anniversary of the release of our debut album The Hard Problem of Consciousness. In this case, a year is a long time! So much has happened and there's so much more on the go for the near future. Some album related highlights and achievements from the past year:

*Our album was charted on indie and university stations across the country including: CBC R330, CJSW (Calgary), CJSR (Edmonton), CFUV (Victoria), CJSF (Burnaby), CFBX (Kamloops), CKXU (Lethbridge), CHRW (London) and has received airplay on countless radio and internet stations across the world.

*Our track A Quiet Place was listed as one of top tracks of 2013 in the CBC Radio 3 year end list

*Our album received positive reviews by BeatRoute Magazine, The Permanent Rain Press, The Sound of Confusion (UK), Ride The Tempo, and Canuckistan Music among others.

*Collaborating with Claudia Medina for a visual representation of our sound - either through her custom crafted visuals at a couple of our live shows or the mind bending vignette she created for our track 17th + Heather (

A big thank you to everyone that's supported this release in some form in the past year - to the stores that stock our album, the people that have bought our album, the fans that have played and shared our album, the people that have come out to see us play live, Meghan Hildebrand for the cover art, and to my fellow band members - THANK YOU - this would not be possible without you.

Oh, and special thanks to Clare Mervyn for all her design work and support (ongoing and never ending). xoxo

The future is bright.

Oh yeah, the MUSIC: stream our album in it's entirety through our bandcamp page:

You can buy it there too if you want ;)


Posted Oct 28, 2014

Toronto dream pop band The Autumn Stones released their new single "Endless War" today and our remix of their track "In With The Out Crowd" is the b - side / bonus / whatever these things are called in the digital world. And it's a free DL!

Every sound in our remix is either:
a) a manipulated piece from the original track
b) synthesized from scratch on analogue gear
c) a field recording sequenced and mangled on a sampler

Listen to the original / check out The Autumn Stones here


Posted Oct 21, 2014

Time for a little update from T&L land. First off, thanks to everyone that came out to catch our set at this year's Aurora Innovative Art Festival. We had a great time and forged some great artist to artist relationships (more on that below). It's wonderful to be a part of such a forward thinking event in a one of a kind location - we look forward to growing together!

In the past month we also made both our Victoria and Gibsons debut. By all counts both shows were a great success and - as always - we came away with lessons, inspirations, and new friends. Playing at Lucky Bar was a special treat as that was always my favorite hang out back in my Victoria life. The Space in Gibsons is also a really cool ... uh, space - something that our hometown could really use. There's a bunch of new live pics in our gallery and there's a cell phone vid of us playing "Flowers In The Attic" posted on our facebook page if you're into that kind of thing.

Our out of town shows also introduced a pair of new loves to the band: our (well, Mieke's!) tour van, a 1992 Chevy Lumina. Man, the Lumina was ahead of it's time - doors that open with the press of a button and automatic everything. There's 100 different ways to orientate the seats too - it's crazy. Not to mention it's super sleek aerodynamic design. That thing just slices through air. It also has the biggest dash ever - I'm not sure what the designers were going for here but it came in real handy when we picked up our second new love (and newest band member) on our way from Victoria: A 1984 Roland Juno 106 synthesizer.

junolumina juno surgery hair bandferry remix

The Juno needs a little bit of love so I've been practicing my soldering technique (Thanks Jason!) and slowly bringing her back to life. Even though it's got some serious issues, it's already heavily featured in most of our new tracks that we're writing - it is a beautiful machine and we look forward to introducing her to you.

Speaking of new music - we are working on so much stuff. We've got 2 new remixes on the go - one for a Toronto dream pop band and one for an artist that we met and fell in love with at Aurora. They both should be out in the next week or 2.

We also have more live shows coming up - we're playing The Cambie in Nanaimo on Friday November 29th and Felicita's in Victoria on Monday Dec 1. We're working on getting an island show for that Saturday as well, stay tuned for details on all these shows!


Posted Jul 31, 2014

We are very excited to announce that we will be performing at the Aurora Innovative Arts Festival this year. This is such a cool festival, we are very much looking forward to it.

This will also be the live debut of our new 3 member / all hardware set up. And just look at all the other cool artists that will be there! This is going to be sweet. For more information stay tuned here or go to
aurora poster


Posted Jun 14, 2014

There’s been a lot of things going on behind the scenes in Texture & Light land these past few months and I figured it was well past time for an update post.

First off, as you can probably deduce from the picture we are marching off into the future as a 3 piece band. We wish Kevin and Tony the best and profoundly thank them for the time and energy that they put into this project over the past year. T&L may have never made the leap from my one man studio project into a live band if it wasn’t for my friends being so eager and willing to figure it out together. Thanks guys.

As for the rest of the band, we’ve been crazy hard at work re structuring the band to work as a 3 piece. It’s actually been really fun. We’ve purchased a whole whack of new gear to incorporate into our set up - high end hardware with sequencers and midi connections galore. With less hands and more gear, we’re really diving deep into the set up - teaching our machines to talk to each other and play together nicely. Our live set up is looking more and more like a giant spaceship and it’s sounding pretty good too. We really feel like we’re moving to the next level.

As of this week, we’ve actually worked the laptop completely out of our live rig which is pretty cool all things considered - though now that we’re looking into DMX lighting and lasers etc it may actually be back on stage as our lighting controller haha! (You’d be amazed at how often something gets worked out of our set up only to come back in a month later at the other end).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention aside from learning (and teaching) our new gear, we’re all learning new tricks too. After picking up the the bass from scratch last year to join our live band, Clare is now busy learning guitar and keyboard. Don’t worry, we’ll get her a mic soon too. And possibly teach her to juggle fire.

Lyell now has a synthesizer (and very very soon a new very awesome drum machine) in his drum set up. If that guy thought he could just sit there with idle hands during breakdowns he was sadly mistaken!

I’m now balancing vocal, guitar, synth, and general knob bashing from behind my workstation. And I think I’ll be playing bass in one of the new songs. Pretty much, it’s instrument musical chairs in some tracks. We've installed a giant 4’ x 8’ white board in the studio to map out who is playing what instrument and at what time. It reminds me of one of those ‘brainstorm / thought clouds’ from elementary school.

So now what?

We’re in the process of putting together some live shows for the end of summer and fall and hopefully a little tour. We’ll keep you posted. We’re also planning to continue our visual / audio collaboration with Claudia Medina if we can get our schedules to jive. On top of all this, we are of course working on NEW MUSIC. We’ve got a new song that’s being worked into our live set right now and a bunch of others that are in various states of existence. We have tentative plans to record some new stuff this fall / winter.

Oh, and I’ll try to be better at this social media thing - you know, busy and all. Thanks for all of your support, we look forward to showing you all of this soon. We’ve also updated our website if you haven’t dropped in for a while. It’s full of stuff - you can stream our video for 17th and Heather, look at new pics, look at our gear list, buy our record, and listen to our remixes among other stuff. But you're here now, so I guess you would know that.

Much love!




Posted Mar 18, 2014

The latest brick and mortar store to stock our LP is Nanaimo's Fascinating Rhythm. Thanks guys! You can see the full list of locations on our updated store page.


Posted Mar 3, 2014

We did a remix of fellow West Coast band Isobel Trigger's track Dust & Bones. We turned it into a dance floor monster. Sometimes, you need a dance floor monster. It's a free DL so grab it and pass it around.



Posted Jan 28, 2014

Our live show with Claudia Medina doing visuals last weekend went off. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us. Thanks to The Hobbyist and Joseph Martin for making the night's musical journey a wild and wonderful ride. We will be releasing professional photos soon and (eventually) a video of our performance. Stay tuned. Post photo by Shane Bodie.


Posted Jan 20, 2014

We have a big home town show coming up on January 25th. Our set will feature visual design and live video mixing by Claudia Medina of Enmedia. We've got a glimpse on what she's working on, and it is awesome. We'll be sharing the stage with Vancouver electronic artists Joseph Martin, The Hobbyist, and Cassiel.

The info:


Texture & Light is a 5 piece electronic dream rock band whose sound combines elements of indie rock, deep house, and industrial music with a firm eye on the dance floor. This set will feature visual design and live video mixing by Claudia Medina of Enmedia.

[East Van Digital, Shambhala // Indie Dance + House]

Joseph Martin is the guy behind the East Van Digital record label and live A/V act Fresh Baked DJs. Dropping tunes since 1998 and a Shambhala resident DJ since 2004, he's played many a memorable set in the legendary Fractal Forest. This guy knows how to run a dance floor.


THE HOBBYIST (Vancouver)
[Aspect Media // Ambient Friendhouse Dub]

The Hobbyist stays away from recycled samples or prescribed beats that fit into set genres. His music delights the mind with psychedelic soundscapes while keeping the rhythmic ebbs, flows and pulses of dance music. The Hobbyist’s Live PA sets are a sight to see with a glut of gear: Up to 4 synthesizers, 3 drum machines, Kaoss pads, guitar, and a laptop that he runs through a 16 channel mixing board to conduct each machine into deftly orchestrated layers of sound.


CASSIEL (Vancouver)
[Somewhat Damaged // Electronica]

Cassiel has been a flyer name at BC parties and festivals for the last 10 years. He has been known to play surprising and unknown tunes - always with a bit of darkness, impeccable track selection and flawless mixing.

All proceeds to Aurora Festival 2014 // 19+



Posted Jan 6, 2014

What a year for our little band! And this was only the beginning. 2014 will be all about our live show - starting with our big one on Jan 25th. Here's some highlights of the last year (or really the last few months since the album's release).

-Remained in top 5 of R3-30 for 8 weeks

-Featured on CBC Radio3’s year end list of top tracks of 2013

-Album charted by CJSW (Calgary), CFUV (Victoria), CFBX (Kamloops)

-Featured on The Sound of Confusion (UK) “Five for free”

-Featured on Diffuser FM (USA) “Track of the day”

-Featured in BC Musician Magazine - Nov 2013

-Featured on A Music Blog, Yeah - Nov 2013

Thank you for all of your support and love, we'll be seeing you soon!

Press Post – BeatRoute Bc

Posted Jan 5, 2014

"A charming and unique voice... Refix’s background in house music production is apparent in the richly woven synthesized melodies that give the impression of a room full of hardware."

- Liz Goode, BeatRoute Magazine


Posted Dec 15, 2013

Listen to our remix of "Congo" from fellow BC electronic band Bear Mountain right here. It's a free download too - please like it and share it if you dig it.


Posted Nov 23, 2013

The Powell River Peak interviewed Trevor about the band's recent success on the national R3-30 indie chart. You can read the interview here.


Posted Nov 19, 2013

BC Musician Magazine published Trevor's essay titled "Creativity Will Expand to Fill All of Space and Time". It focuses on Trevor's choice to leave the city and make music (and live life) in a small town instead. You can read the whole piece here.


Posted Nov 9, 2013

In it's first week on high rotation on CBC Radio 3, our track 'A Quiet Place' debuted on the R3-30 chart at number 1! Thank YOU for your votes and support. Now we need your votes to stay on the chart for next week. Vote here.

UPDATE: We held on to the top spot for the second week in a row!! You can view the whole R3-30 chart as a handy playlist here.



Posted Nov 5, 2013

When I finished recording this album all the way back in February, November 5th seemed like miles away. When I was toiling away in the city a few years ago finishing an album seemed light years away. But here we are - album release day. Time is getting shorter between dreams. I can't thank everyone enough for your support along the way. It's been really exciting to see the momentum building and you are all a part of it now.

Shout out to the live band! We're working hard and we'll be on stage soon. That's the next chapter in the journey (we do things a bit backwards around here).

Go grab the album. Share the link with your friends. Post about it. Listen to the full stream for free and never buy it. I don't care, just hear it. It's for you.

Press Post – Permanent Rain Press

Posted Nov 4, 2013

"A refreshing blend of 80s-inspired new wave and house beats, cleverly bound to the modern age of dream pop and electro synth."

- Natalie Hoy, The Permanent Rain Press


Posted Nov 1, 2013

Every week CBC Radio 3 counts down the top 30 Canadian indie tracks on Radio 3. They pick the best 40 songs in high rotation and fans decide the ranking. This week Texture & Light made the long list! Now we need your votes to make the chart. Vote here - as many songs as you want, once every 24 hours - then tune in Fridays at 9am ET/6am PT to hear the results. Voting for each week's chart ends Tuesdays at noon ET/9am PT. Thank you for your support!!


Posted Oct 29, 2013

Earshot! compiles the national community and campus radio report ie: the charts of Canada's independent radio stations. As of this past week, 3 of the reporting stations are charting us. This week we debuted at #15 on CFBX Kamloops' top 30 chart and #4 on their electronic chart. We also debuted at #6 on CFUV Victoria's electronic chart. We've been on CJSW Calgary's electronic chart for three weeks now. Thanks for the plays!

"A Quiet Place" has also been added to the CBC Radio 3 rotation.


Posted Oct 7, 2013

You can hear our remix of 'The River' by The Darcys right here: This is Trevor's first remix under the Texture & Light name - please share it / favorite it if you like it. The Darcys new album "Warring" came out via Arts & Crafts on September 17th.


Posted Oct 1, 2013

One of our favorite Canadian blogs, AMBY, featured us in their Getting Cozy With... segment today. Read the article at

Sound of Confussion – Press post 2

Posted Sep 19, 2013

"Lyrics so unpretentious it’s impossible to poke fun at - and that’s precisely the tone on this entire's doing away with hipster affectations and just embracing the fact that we are young..."  

- Tatjana Clancy, The Sound of Confusion (UK)

PG citizen

Posted Sep 18, 2013

"One of the premier electro music acts in the province."  

-Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen

Press Post Sound of Confusion

Posted Aug 31, 2013

"... an eclectic sound that mixes electronic beats with dreampop and more conventional left-field pop sounds."

- Kevin Wright, The Sound of Confusion (UK)

Press Post Jason Schreurs

Posted Aug 18, 2013

""A devilish little romp through indie, electronic and '80s-inspired new wave that should make a mark on the Canadian music scene."  

-Jason Schreurs, freelance writer, Exclaim!, Alternative Press

Press Post – Canuckistan Music

Posted Aug 1, 2013

"Refix has tapped into that inner DJ of his, dressing up a sultry bass-heavy beat with quivering vocals and pulsing synths."

- Michael Panontin, Canuckistan Music