Posted Oct 21, 2014

Time for a little update from T&L land. First off, thanks to everyone that came out to catch our set at this year’s Aurora Innovative Art Festival. We had a great time and forged some great artist to artist relationships (more on that below). It’s wonderful to be a part of such a forward thinking event in a one of a kind location – we look forward to growing together!

In the past month we also made both our Victoria and Gibsons debut. By all counts both shows were a great success and – as always – we came away with lessons, inspirations, and new friends. Playing at Lucky Bar was a special treat as that was always my favorite hang out back in my Victoria life. The Space in Gibsons is also a really cool … uh, space – something that our hometown could really use. There’s a bunch of new live pics in our gallery and there’s a cell phone vid of us playing “Flowers In The Attic” posted on our facebook page if you’re into that kind of thing.

Our out of town shows also introduced a pair of new loves to the band: our (well, Mieke’s!) tour van, a 1992 Chevy Lumina. Man, the Lumina was ahead of it’s time – doors that open with the press of a button and automatic everything. There’s 100 different ways to orientate the seats too – it’s crazy. Not to mention it’s super sleek aerodynamic design. That thing just slices through air. It also has the biggest dash ever – I’m not sure what the designers were going for here but it came in real handy when we picked up our second new love (and newest band member) on our way from Victoria: A 1984 Roland Juno 106 synthesizer.

junolumina juno surgery hair bandferry remix

The Juno needs a little bit of love so I’ve been practicing my soldering technique (Thanks Jason!) and slowly bringing her back to life. Even though it’s got some serious issues, it’s already heavily featured in most of our new tracks that we’re writing – it is a beautiful machine and we look forward to introducing her to you.

Speaking of new music – we are working on so much stuff. We’ve got 2 new remixes on the go – one for a Toronto dream pop band and one for an artist that we met and fell in love with at Aurora. They both should be out in the next week or 2.

We also have more live shows coming up – we’re playing The Cambie in Nanaimo on Friday November 29th and Felicita’s in Victoria on Monday Dec 1. We’re working on getting an island show for that Saturday as well, stay tuned for details on all these shows!

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