Press Post Paste

Posted Feb 26, 2017

“A unique sound unlike any we’ve heard.”

-Myra Ivy, Paste Magazine 2017


Press Post Nooga

Posted Oct 27, 2016

“A buoyant and determined pop explosion that carries with it a multitude of effervescent melodies and gossamer sounds.”

-Joshua Pickard,, 2016


BC musician 2016

Posted Oct 20, 2016

“The overall mood of [Inner Space Odyssey] is deeply futuristic but infused with an invigorating effervescence reminiscent of the oxygen high one would encounter walking through an ancient forest.”  

-Dave O Rama, BC Musician Magazine, 2016


Posted Oct 17, 2016

“…the pristine production can’t hide a raging band waiting to cut loose.”  

-Stuart DerDeyn, The Vancouver Sun, 2016


Posted Sep 26, 2016

“This album really is a psychedelic trip of its own, giving me a whole new level of consciousness.”

-Cazzy Lewchuk, The Permanent Rain Press, 2016


Pres post NeuFutur

Posted Aug 9, 2016

“Texture & Light make a rich effort that opens up considerably with each subsequent listen.”  

-James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine, 2016

Press Post – CBC Radio 3

Posted Feb 11, 2014

“A beefy take on turn-of-the-80’s NYC bands, a la Talking Heads”  

– CBC Radio 3

Press Post Alan Ranta

Posted Jan 28, 2014

“The Hard Problem of Consciousness’ is an expansive and personal listening experience, filtering the intimacy of bedroom production through the dance floor of a road trippin’ extrovert.”  

-Alan Ranta, Exclaim!, Polaris 2014 grand juror

Press Post – Diffuser FM

Posted Jan 21, 2014

“Texture & Light walk a fine line between making dance-ready club hits and emotionally complex tunes to make you think. You’ll discover something new with each play.”  

– Beth Kellmurray, Diffuser FM (USA)