Posted Jan 20, 2014

We have a big home town show coming up on January 25th. Our set will feature visual design and live video mixing by Claudia Medina of Enmedia. We’ve got a glimpse on what she’s working on, and it is awesome. We’ll be sharing the stage with Vancouver electronic artists Joseph Martin, The Hobbyist, and Cassiel.

The info:


Texture & Light is a 5 piece electronic dream rock band whose sound combines elements of indie rock, deep house, and industrial music with a firm eye on the dance floor. This set will feature visual design and live video mixing by Claudia Medina of Enmedia.

[East Van Digital, Shambhala // Indie Dance + House]

Joseph Martin is the guy behind the East Van Digital record label and live A/V act Fresh Baked DJs. Dropping tunes since 1998 and a Shambhala resident DJ since 2004, he’s played many a memorable set in the legendary Fractal Forest. This guy knows how to run a dance floor.

BIO: http://goo.gl/cVM6gi
MUSIC: www.soundcloud.com/joseph_martin

THE HOBBYIST (Vancouver)
[Aspect Media // Ambient Friendhouse Dub]

The Hobbyist stays away from recycled samples or prescribed beats that fit into set genres. His music delights the mind with psychedelic soundscapes while keeping the rhythmic ebbs, flows and pulses of dance music. The Hobbyist’s Live PA sets are a sight to see with a glut of gear: Up to 4 synthesizers, 3 drum machines, Kaoss pads, guitar, and a laptop that he runs through a 16 channel mixing board to conduct each machine into deftly orchestrated layers of sound.

BIO: www.the-hobbyist.com/bio
MUSIC: www.soundcloud.com/the-hobbyist

CASSIEL (Vancouver)
[Somewhat Damaged // Electronica]

Cassiel has been a flyer name at BC parties and festivals for the last 10 years. He has been known to play surprising and unknown tunes – always with a bit of darkness, impeccable track selection and flawless mixing.

All proceeds to Aurora Festival 2014 // 19+

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