Posted Apr 24, 2015

Being in a DIY independent band is tricky thing as there’s always so much going on that isn’t in the public eye. It’s with that thought in mind that I post this update as an answer to the question I frequently get: “So what’s going on with Texture & Light”? It’s (always) a long answer – I’m more of a depth updater then someone who tweets 80 times a day…

First off, the new album: Lyell and I spent most of January and February recording, writing, editing, recording, re recording, and writing more. When I went into it I thought it was realistic to come out of that session with a mostly finished album. Um, no.

By the end of February we had 6 songs that were mostly finished and about 15 more that are in various states of composition and recording. The more we recorded, the more new songs I kept writing – and I’m still writing – damn it, that wasn’t the plan! The good news is is that though it’s going slower than expected, it’s also going much better then I ever could have imagined. The new songs are a leap forward both sonically and artistically and I’ve stopped being in a rush to complete them. What is time anyways? Exactly.

We look forward to sharing them when they are ready. We will definitely be adding a couple of the new songs to our live set this summer though – which brings me to my next update – Texture & Light live 2015:

In early March we stopped recording and switched gears to focus on our live show for this summer. Putting together our live set isn’t just a matter of practicing our instruments (though sometimes I wish it was!) – it’s a process all unto itself. We bought a whole bunch of new gear for recording and we are now working at incorporating that new gear into our live set. That means pretty much re writing, re programming, and re synthesizing all of our old songs to be played on our new gear. This is at times very fun and rewarding at at times an exercise in tedium and insanity.

Pardon me while I geek out for a second: some (yes only some) of the new gear to our set up for 2015 is an Allen & Heath QU24 mixer that replaces 3(!) mixers in our old set up, a Strymon Timeline delay and looping pedal (so now I can play 2 guitar parts together), and 2 of DSI’s flagship synthesizers: a Pro 2 and a Prophet 8 rack. Lyell’s Elektron Rytm is also taking on a bigger role in the drum department and he’s added a new Kaos pad to wreak havoc on his percussion sounds. All this adds up to, well, awesomeness. Many machines all playing together in unison…

Aside from adding new instruments songs to our set, we’re also working on a building our own midi sync’d lighting rig to add to our stage set up. Lyell is busy soldering and designing and then Clare and Lyell will get to work on programming light sequences to match our tracks. Somewhat ironically, this means that we’ll have to add a laptop back into our set up to run the lights. Oh well!

I’ve left the most exciting part to last (congratulations if you made it this far): we have a tour lined up for this July that will be officially announced in the coming weeks when the last few shows and details are worked out.

I can say that for July we have confirmed shows in Powell River, Victoria, Vancouver, Nelson, Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George, and at a festival that is TBA. We are close to confirming more shows as well. Full details will be announced in the coming weeks!

See you soon! << back to News